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Her aptitude for things liturgical is something special...she is also highly proficient as a musician.

   Fr.  JTC 

Maria is a truly gifted musician and liturgist. She enthuses others with sensitivity and profound knowledge.

MT Church Choir member.

I gradually came to know Maria Hall through our church of Our Lady & St Patrick's & St Patrick's school in Walton-le-dale, Preston. Lancashire.  I joined the established church choir where Maria was working at improving performance, in her own time.  Her talents blossomed as she produced musical events both in church and within the school.  Liturgy and music for masses were well planned and executed by Maria. The school choir/s, over the years, have taken part in competitions, encouraged by Maria.  Parents have been very happy that Maria was involved in preparation of their children during Sacramental Programme.  Maria has not "stood still", gaining higher qualifications in Theology and Liturgy. Her enthusiasm to pass on knowledge to adults and children, will ensure her plans will succeed. I wish Maria, who has become a very dear friend, every success.

FL Parishioner

What always impresses me about Maria’s school choirs is how seriously she takes the children, never underestimating their capacity. She expects a lot of them and gives them the tools to achieve it. The result is that they are not afraid to sing ‘grown-up’ music, and they do so with real ease, clarity and attention to detail, as well as enthusiasm. It has been wonderful when they have come as a group to lead our community in Evening Prayer.

Religious Sister

I have known Maria for over ten years now as she taught my daughter at primary school where her enthusiasm for singing and liturgy clearly showed.

Two years ago I approached Maria to ask if she would help to arrange the music and singing for my wedding which she did fantastically and nothing was too much trouble.
She was always available for advice

and so helpful in the lead up to the wedding.
Thanks to her work and the help of the choir my wedding was a very memorable occasion.

JK   Parishioner

Maria spoke recently at our high school about living out her vocation. Her passion and enthusiasm was contagious and she had both students and staff captivated! A real breath of fresh air - engaging, honest, down to earth and inspiring. It was evident that Maria has travelled a long path to reach where she is now, and the Spirit is certainly alive in her! 

CW High School Chaplain

I have known Maria for over 30 years; both in her capacity as cantor/musical director/organist at St Wilfrid’s Church Preston and as a close friend.
Maria has never been one to sit on her laurels and, being very passionate about Liturgy and music, has always strived to broaden her knowledge of Liturgy to complement her excellent musical skills perfected over many years. This has culminated in her attaining the Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy and Masters Degree in Theology.
As musical director and liturgist at St Wilfrid’s, she has shared this passion with the choir, the parishioners and wider Catholic community in diligently choosing liturgically appropriate music for Sunday and feast day masses throughout the year, and given talks on the subject in St Wilfrid’s Parish Center and in other parishes.
Maria’s musical ability is to a very high standard, and I have sat many times listening to her play a closing piece after Sunday mass letting the music pour over me in sheer delight.
Maria has a very proactive and committed approach to her role, utilizing her excellent teaching skills to good effect on coaching the St Wilfrid’s choir to a very high standard.
Maria is caring and willing to help others and very giving of her own time.  Through her work at St Patrick’s junior school, Maria has links with an orphanage school in Zambia for which she has worked tirelessly to raise funds for the building of a school.
She has been a close family friend for many years and, when the need arose, come to my and my family’s assistance at a very difficult time.


I have known Maria for over twenty five years, and during that time her sheer drive and enthusiasm have been a beacon to all. Her outstanding Musical talent and Liturgical knowledge is second to none, and comes at a very high standard. These attributes, together with a unique sense of humour and joy for life will bring to fruition a lifetime passion and ambition.


I have known Maria for many years now, having been a teaching colleague of hers since 1998.

Although raised a Catholic, I have, for many years, struggled with my beliefs. Through school, I have attended several of Maria's courses and always marvel at her ability to avoid... 'thrusting religion down your throat' to speak.

She has this wonderful knack of making you feel completely at ease with your religion, wherever you are on your faith journey.

I always feel comfortable when discussing my faith, or sometimes lack of it!

I would highly reccommend that you participate in one of her courses and see for yourself how Maria shares her faith and knowldge with enthusiasm and sensitivity.


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