BEd(Hons), HDipPastLit(Hons), MTh(Hons) 

Maria Hall 



Formation and Consultancy for Parishes and Schools




As we return to a new normality, and lay liturgical ministries resume, this is a unique opportunity to press the re-start button and provide formation and training. I can visit your parish or community in the UK and Ireland . 

 Do get in touch to discuss further. 

' Hello and welcome to my site!

After years of combining roles as a primary school teacher, Liturgist and  Pastoral Musician, I am now  working full time
as a consultant, offering my knowledge,
skills and experience to  your diocese, parish, school or religious community with the passionate desire to help us all become closer to God through good Liturgy. '


'Liturgy is the summit toward  which

the activity of the Church is directed;

at the same time it is the fount

from which all the Church's power flows.'                                                        (Sacrosanctum Concillium 10)


A sample of what I offer...

Source and Summit Parish Renewal 


Session 1
The development of the Eucharist from the earliest days of the Church.

Session 2
The Celebration of the Eucharist.
A look at the Mass, its structure and meaning.

Session 3
Parish ministries.

An examination of roles and how they can best be undertaken.
Practical issues within the parish.





Music and  Liturgy.

For choirs and music groups.


The role and function of singers and musicians.


The origins and history of the ministry.


Develop repertoire and technique.










Prayer and Worship in School

Staff training. INSET / Staff meeting sessions. 

Workshops for pupil groups and classes...

                                  preparing liturgies

                                  writing prayers

                                  leading others

                                  different ways of praying


Ministry of Lector



History, background, skills and the the role of the Lector.

An in-depth course which will help those involved understand how they are the Mouthpiece of God!

'People in love make signs of love,
not only to express their love
but also to deepen it.
Love never expressed dies.
Christians' love for Christ
and for one another must be expressed in the signs and symbols
of celebration or they will die.'


(Music in Catholic Worship, 4)